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Ears & Eyes Mounts

Ears & Eyes Mounts

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Easily store your gear so you are never stuck hunting them down or without the proper PPE. The new Picatinny Rail mounting solution allows you to organize all your firearms and accessories.

Compact, Simple, and Over-Built.

– Current Lead Time – (1wk)

*Firearm Safety is Paramount and Ready Mounts are not intended to replace proper firearm safety*

DO NOT Store your firearms chambered

DO NOT mount your firearms in a way that someone can walk in front of the barrel

DO NOT mount your firearms so they are accessible to minors or anyone prohibited from accessing a firearm

DO NOT mount your firearms and Ammunition in an unsecured manner

By purchasing and using the Ready Mount Systems you agree to 43rd State Armory LLC will not be held liable for injury or damage to persons or property resulting from the misuse or faulty installation of the product, or for improperly following the rules of firearm safety.

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